Harrison Raymond Black (b. 1997) was an Albanian teenager who attended Heath Elementary School for grades 1st-5th, and half of his 6th grade year in Heath Middle School. He was bitter enemies with Jj Castillo, and was bestfriends with Jammie Kesler and Ej Castillo. He was bullied severely by Jj Castillo, Sean Hunter, and sometimes, Jay Santura. He was in a relationship with Karina Nunez from 2nd grade to his death.

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Harrison was never in a good mood due to his constant bullying. Since he was ignored at home, always alone in a big house. Then he was bullied at school. He was raised by agnostic parents, which led him to find his own religious views. He discovered atheism to be his religious views. His family was from Albania, and he was also born in Albania.

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In Dead and Gone (1): After Ej and Jammie are invited to Jenny and Angie's birthday party, he asks if he can tag along as a guest. Jj told him it wouldn't be a good idea, because nobody in that party would like him due to his attitude, and because he's not popular. Harrison said he didn't care, and that he didn't want to go home. Jj told him he better not tell anyone at the party that he let him come. The doorbell rang downstairs, and they all went downstairs, and started walking. While near the rail road tracks, Jj made a joke about Harrison, which was the last straw for Harrison. While everyone rushed over the rail road tracks because there was an oncoming train. Harrison stood on the rail road tracks, not moving. 


  • He was the first character in the Heath franchise to ever kill himself, Carlos Cabrera being the second.