Randy Fernandez, Justin Castillo, Ej Castillo, Gary Espinaj, Sean Hunter, Karina Nunez, and Ariana Kenya's friendships and relationships are put to the ultimate test when they win a trip to Tokyo aboard a cruise ship, and it sinks just after they escape, and they end up floating in the ocean for 35 hours in a mini boat, with no food and no water. 


On the last day of school, Justin and Ej come home to their mom telling them that they won 7 tickets to a cruise to Tokyo, Japan. Ej called Randy, Gary, and Ariana and invited them. Justin then called Sean, and Karina. Their mom tells them to start packing because the cruise is in 2 days. 

A montage goes by of Ej and Justin stuffing things in suitcases, but the montage stops when they find a vibrating dildo in Justin's closet. Ej becomes extremely creeped out, until Justin swears he didn't know where it came from. Ej then asks who else could've put it there. Their mom walks in and takes it. She then claims she bought it before her high school reunion, but she hid it in Justin's closet when somebody asked her to go with him.  

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